Explore the most crucial email marketing trends of 2020 and adjust your Mailings to generate more conversions.

Sure, there might "only" be 3.7 billion users using email

But by 2022, this figure is expected to surge well past the 4 BILLION mark, with billions more (4.3B people) expected to have access to some type of inbox.

And with most consumers saying they already believe they receive too many emails—that can create significant challenges for you and the future landscape of mailing.

If the past is any indication of things to come, 2020 will serve email marketers best by staying on top of the latest trends and having an understanding of what's likely to come next. So, where are things headed? WhalesHub is breaking it down!

1 – Funnels are no longer Linear

Sales funnels, sales funnels, sales funnels.

OK, we know, we talk a lot about sales funnels here at WhalesHub.

But, ya remember that perfect cone we've mentioned before? …


It looks just like this.

2020's ever changing mailing trends have led to simply more non-linear funnels thus far.

The person on the other end no longer just goes through a cone … one that forms wide at the top and narrows as your prospective leads learn more about your offering . Traffic is just different these days. Not all qualified traffic will follow the same journey before ultimately becoming one of those qualified leads or sales.

2 – Don't neglect a core segment… MOBILE!

Users of today don't just enjoy reading things from their pocket, they prefer it.

Because once you understand that mobile is now the preferred platform for reading email with more than half of all email opens, there's simply no denying this reality any further at this stage in the game.

So yes, in 2020 with record numbers expected to be at home, expect more people than ever before to be opening your weekly newsletter & reading your weekly mailings on their favorite mobile device.

And eventually, accessibility everywhere will widen.

This trend is only likely to continue as each new tech roll out in the years to come will make the previous year's release more affordable (therefore putting more phones in people's hands).

3 – Keeping track of everything will hugely improve your life—and campaigns.

Simply "phoning in" your emails these days hasn't cut it in a while and sure won't cut it now —this we've known at WhalesHub—but creating templates & making sure to use only quality mailing templates that can be retrieved and read 100% of the time to the best of your knowledge on all mobile devices?

Yeah. Super duper important now.

And all those links you've got? They're just as important. Don't forget to make those trackable. Otherwise you'll have no way of attributing which leads or sales came from a given campaign.

4 – 2020 Means Automation

Most agree, timing is everything. In fact, here's a great quote on that:

"Time is an illusion, timing is an art."

Now would be an excellent time for us to mention that Litmus offers a free download of their 2020State of EmailReport. Litmus' 2020 State of Email Report analyzes the significant email client news, trends, and key industry updates from the past year and breaks down how they will impact your mailing campaigns in the new email decade.

And while this comprehensive report by Litmus offers a ton of new guidance on the start of the new decade , it also reaffirms just how important targeted mailings continue to be.

One can only expect campaigns of both adult & mainstream markets to become smarter and more crafty in the neverending pursuit of finding an audience that seeks value in their content.

5 – But 100% automation? Bad idea!

Here's a fun riddle. . .

I am very important, but often overlooked. What am I?

  • Answer: the human touch!

There's an urgent need for your mailings to not come off as robotic and entirely canned . Don't for one second underestimate this crucial need as it's a need craved by many — it will take your campaigns far.

And let's face it: once your content is viewed through the lens of someone who relies entirely too much on automation—people skip over it no matter how informative you think it is.

6 – Interactive content shouldn't be an afterthought

Fun questions , questionnaires and polls can do wonders for your engagement.

Heck, even surveys do really well because they tend to err on the less intrusive side. Ask your audience questions! They also provide you as a Mailer tremendous information & data that you can extract and learn from.

In this overstimulated world, everyone's competing for everyone's attention.

Without it, you'll be left standing in the dust.

7 – Giving Leads some TLC

We can't emphasize this enough: nurture those leads!

Give them the tender loving care THEY DESERVE!

No one likes aggressive emails. But then again no one likes completely passive ones, either.

Leads grow cold and all progress ends when poor tactics are implemented. At WhalesHub, we recommend finding the perfect balance between informative content & transitioning your traffic to the final purchasing stage only when it makes sense for you.

Focus on content that is designed to help. Gain greater trust with your mailing list moving forward.

8 – Success is still determined by Deliverability

Depending on the market you are in, deliverability is still an issue.

Mail services have become more strict over the years, which makes it harder than ever to find a good email provider at times – especially within the giants.

Overhauls are nothing new and should be expected as tech-driven companies continue to roll out new updates and revisions to their Terms. This greatly affects how your campaigns are delivered and ultimately viewed at the end of the day.

So, stay sharp, keep your eyes open and continue to learn as email services adapt .

More on this in Litmus' 2020 State of Email report on the start of the new email decade.

It's all in the Mailing…

Good things come to those who wait... and send good emails!

Email marketing remains a terrific way to nurture leads and nail down that sale… but only if you're willing to put in the work and employ the right strategies for your campaign.

Approach each new mail that you send with a new objective to keep things fresh while embracing this always-changing landscape!

And if you have any questions along the way, remember, the WhalesHub team is here to help.

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