During this month s showcase of the best tools and platforms available in the adult market, it only makes sense to talk about another successful Crak project - Amateur Payouts.

Some of you may have heard about it – but did you know that Amateur Payouts is undergoing a major facelift?

This updated version of Amateur Payouts gives you access to: 100 new HD hosted videos, payouts up to $40 PPS or 65% Revshare, an optimized member’s area for more retention, 278 new creatives and much, much more.

So what can you expect with this overhaul?

More tools, banners, and tweaks will regularly be added.

What exactly is Amateur Payouts?

Amateur Payouts is our affiliate program for the ex-girlfriend paysites that we run.

The platform offers 2 types of payouts: Pay Per Sale and Revshare.

The member’s area is updated daily and is currently undergoing a massive revamp to increase trial to full (memberships) which means that sending your traffic to the Revshare offer is an increasingly attractive option for many webmasters.

Now we know money can't buy happiness, but with Amateur Payouts, we think you'll find yourself much more comfortable crying in a BMW rather than a '78 Cadillac Brogham…

But hey, the choice is yours!

HD-HQ Content

Your visitors deserve crystal clear, high definition, HQ content. With Amateur Payouts, you get exactly just that.

For those of you still promoting low quality content at this stage of the game, well, we have only one thing to say: the 90’s called and they want their porn back.

Higher payouts are no longer a dream, but a reality

We have more control than ever with Amateur Payouts, therefore allowing you a higher payout. If you can send a steady stream of joins, feel free to talk with your affiliate manage and discuss a higher payout.

Pretty sweet, eh?

Brand spankin’ new members area

We understand the importance of retaining and gaining new members, and we know that you don’t get there without an awesome members area at home.

Amateur Payouts member area will soon be completely rebuilt with a newly optimized trial “sales funnel”… this is especially great for Revshare affiliates!

Top converting offers

Our ex-girlfriend paysites are completely addictive regardless of the niche your visitors fancy: Teen, latina, asian, ebony, lesbian, MILF, emo… you name it, you can count on these girls and niches converting more.

Still not convinced?

Check out some of these Amateur Payouts sites below: their profit potential speaks for itself.

dagfs realblackexposed realemoexposed realmomexposed

*How can I become an affiliate?**

Go to www.amateurpayouts.com and click on “sign up now” in the menu.

And to celebrate this new-and-improved Amateur Payouts, we would like to promise every CrakRevenue affiliate guaranteed approval. :)

For more info about Amateur Payouts, simply reach out to our support team or hit up your Affiliate Manager to get all the tools you need to make more sales!

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