Remember a few weeks ago, when we talked about having something big up our sleeves? … Well, this is it!

If you’re familiar with industry trends, you’ve probably seen a rise in let’s say… “faux”cest-genre related searches. We’re talkin’ the sub-genre that contains “step-sister,” “step-mom,” “step-brother” and “step-father” related content. You’ll recall us mentioning that PornHub deemed “step mom” not just a popular search term, but THE most searched-for term last year.

See for yourself in REAL TIME! We also spotlighted this incredible tool that allows you to see every porn search in real time. We guarantee that if you watch this live search query feed in action, you won’t have to wait long before seeing some type of search variation of the type of content we just alluded to.

It’s like a huge crowd, moving in unison toward one and only objective: family taboo subject matter.

Introducing FILF.com

FILF.com is our solution to this growing need.

It’s a site with exclusive content, updated daily, and only available at CrakRevenue. All of its content plays into the fauxcest / family taboo niche. Step mother, step sister, and all kinds of extended-step family content can be found on FILF.com

What does the “FILF” acronym stand for?

Why, it stands for Family I’d Like to Fuck, of course!

Oh yeah, baby! We know what you’re thinking. It’s so darn taboo, it must pay a ton. Well, we’re happy to report it does! $$$

Don’t miss the wave -- or the fantastic payout, either.

With a hefty payout of $55 PPS on free trials, get ready to reign in a whole lotta money. After all, this is not only taboo content, but content PornHub established there’s a proven, underlying need for.

We’re sure your wallet won’t mind (wink wink)

Begin your FILF campaign now, only at CrakRevenue.


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