To be truly phenomenal at Mailing, one must first understand the basics of email marketing and the value of offering something valuable to your readers. Here's how you can get going with one of the most powerful tools at your disposal.

And while there are many channels open to Mailers, email marketing remains one of the most lucrative by far.

FACT: Mailing has been found to yield $44 for every $1 you spend, making email marketing one of the most cost-efficient digital marketing mediums you could ever take part in.

Getting these types of results however requires everyone to be at the top of their game. Understanding email marketing's best practices, like using an email validation API and really understanding tracking performance metrics, are key. Mailing can even help your business stay afloat and generate extra cash. Just make sure you keep the following key points in mind.


According to a study published in Harvard's Business Review, despite popular opinion, most customers - 77% of them - say they DON'T want a relationship with a brand.

So what do these customers want instead? A great product or some type of high quality service offering.

While it's still crucial to cultivate relationships through mailing, your main goal should be more along the lines of selling something. Return on Investment (ROI) will be maximized once every campaign is optimized to promote a specific product or service you offer.

And you know what comes after by default? Relevant content!

But what if I don't have any products of my own to offer?

No worries there. You can still make plenty of money via affiliate email marketing. This involves earning revenue by selling someone else's goods or services. You can research any number of companies online that seek help from affiliate marketers in this arena if this idea appeals to you.


If someone subscribes to your Mailing list, chances are good they have at least SOME degree of interest in what your brand has to offer.

Perhaps they've even bought a product already?

With questions like this in the back of your mind, you may want to avoid treating these customers the way you treat new customers who aren't as familiar with your business.

Instead of providing basic products or services, the WhalesHub team recommends using email marketing to offer premium options.

For example, perhaps your business offers ebooks, webinars or help guides dedicated to a specific topic.

One-on-one coaching is another big one. This type of offering is likely to lead to more surefire appeal to a customer that has already engaged with your brand over one who hasn't yet.

Personalized coaching and one-on-one engagement might just be the next level stuff your email marketing traffic has been craving!


First off, what are we talking about here?

Cart abandonment is when a customer leaves your site without buying anything, after previously expressing interest in an item by adding it to their cart.

Based on studies, the cart abandonment rate among online shoppers ranges from 55% to 80%, according to data by Barilliance. This often occurs because the internet provides many distractions many of us know all too well.

In 2019, Black Friday saw global cart abandonment rates of over 73%! ** **

Mailing is there to help you reduce that rate

You can establish a system in which a lead who abandons a shopping cart on your website automatically receives a reminder email within an hour of doing so.

According to one study, abandoned cart emails yield an average revenue of $5.64 per email ; making it much more revenue than other types of messages yield.


It's true: the people opting in to your email list already know something about your business. These individuals can definitely help you earn more revenue, but you still need to focus on growing your customer base in order to generate as much income as possible.

Thus, it's essential you're using social media if you're creating the type of content that thrives there. Offer content that's genuinely interesting or valuable, and your followers will do the rest.

As a result, more people will know about your business and you'll reap all the rewards of email marketing full steam ahead!

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