The people that thought paysites were dead, or on their last leg are vast, but they’re wrong.

There’s still a ton of money to be made for those willing to invest in exclusive quality content.

Indeed, paysites have, and always will be, a haven for top-notch, super-friggin’-awesomeeee niched content.

The sheer magnitude of daily traffic that our paysites continue to receive (and the impressive and steady number of conversions that continue to be witnessed) tells us all we need to know about the state of affairs of, well, paysites.

Today, we’ll take a look at this still highly promising vertical and some incredible affiliate marketing opportunities that come with it.

Paysites, And, Dare We Say… “Fake News!”

We’ve heard a lot of negative sentiment about paysites in the last few years, especially in correlation with the increasing number of free tubes popping up in the industry.

It doesn’t take only an adult affiliate marketer to have heard the classic phrase, “I have never paid for porn and never will,” throughout our illustrious careers.

No doubt, the people who’ve actually been in this biz for more than a decade know full well that the paysite landscape has changed a lot. Tremendously, even.

Hey, we never said we were disillusioned about things!

So, yeah. It’s true and we very much concede the point that for those who are still producing content and/or promoting this same type of content the same way one might have done so circa 2000… it should come as no surprise to anyone that the ballgame.

The results achieved in the early 2000s compared to now, almost two decades later, we can agree are vastly different, compared to what we tend to see in the now, the present day of Paysites.

The FACTS (Real Ones — Not Alternative!)

Like so many things in life, it’s a good rule of thumb to rely on cold hard data…

And less on public opinion & gossip!

In the always evolving environment of affiliate programs and Internet Web Marketing, each of us deep down inside must realize that no matter what, there’s always going to be room for Adult Video on Demand (VOD).

And with these platforms and mediums out there… let’s face it, there will always be room for MONEY TO BE MADE!

In fact, the numbers show us that, even in a slightly slowing Paysite market — there are still huge profits to be made sending traffic to these offers and promoting them in various ways.

Indeed, the Paysite vertical is one that:

  • Attracts the highest volumes of traffic;
  • Is known for being one of the originators and driving force behind new/frequently updated content;
  • Drastically increases the stability of your online earnings over longer periods of time, thanks in part, to rebills!

Moreover, despite a Paysite’s sometimes-lower Return on Investment (ROI) compared to Cams—don’t ever forget the one shining light—you get paid more per conversion!

Attracting an average of 30% more traffic than other verticals, our data has been abundantly clear telling us that people still respond extraordinarily well to paysites, and that people shouldn’t immediately shut the door on those willing to pay for good ol’ fashioned, targeted, highly niched content.

Especially when we’re sweetening the pot with a full scale payout bump on all of these offers this entire month in honor of March Madness!

March Madness - CrakRevenue Style

It’s not a secret, as long as the paysites you’re promoting are giving the user access to exclusive HD quality and/or highly specialized-niche content, you should get conversions.

Take the DAGFS Network for example: it offers exclusive content in 14 niches and accepts almost all type of payments such as Credit, PayPal & of course even your Direct Debit cards.

This does wonders for encouraging conversions. It’s not a difficult process.

And best of all, since its CrakRevenue’s very own in-house network of paysites, we have put a ton of resources into our home of paysites.

To ensure unparalleled levels of quality, we even brought longtime esteemed producer Jman back on board! He’s a former producer who has spent more than a decade managing paysites and knows how to maximize paysites to their profitability. Jman was with us early on in the beginning of Crak’s earliest days, and we’re extremely grateful to have him back with us on our team!

And last but not last, it’s especially worth noting the payout bump we’re also including in our March Madness promo, and it just so happens to be our all-time best performing offer at CrakRevenue -- PunishTube.

We’ve stepped up our game even more than before and added an OUTSTANDING new tour that you’re definitely going to want to check out - and cash in on! We’re proud to announce a new geo-targeted landing and geo-targeted join forms we’ve just implemented. Again, be sure to check this out!

So this March of 2017, CrakRevenue is renewing its vows and commitment to paysites by offering a large-scale promo on some of the network’s hottest exclusive niche content pay-model sites, with 14 qualifying paysites.

CrakRevenue’s March Madness Paysite promotion will run from March 1 to March 31, 2017 on these products:

DaGFs Network

$40 PPS or 65% Revshare available on the following offers

  • DaGFs
  • Broken Teens
  • Real Lesbian Exposed
  • Real Mom Exposed
  • Real Black Exposed
  • Real Latina Exposed
  • Real Asian Exposed
  • Brutal Clips
  • Adult Memberzone
  • Real Emo Exposed
  • Real GFs Exposed

Punish Tube

$55 PPS Desktop & Mobile

There has never been a better time to make the most of these top Paysites!

Start promoting now!

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