Once your user clicks on your ad, half of your job is done. But from there, you want to make sure you don’t lose him. Once he or she takes their first step into your sales funnel, don’t give them a reason to run the other way.

Perfecting your sales funnel is essential. At CrakRevenue, right before the launch of our latest paysite, we spent a lot of time and resources on getting our sales funnel right.

And believe us — it was worth it.

Be straightforward

We discovered a long time ago that when a user clicks on a specific scene, the best practice is to give the visitor exactly what he or she is looking for — and a tease for what’s next!

You want your traffic’s focus to remain on the initial content that grabbed their attention in the first place (this, of course, creates the perfect conditions for a sale). Everything else after this will fall into place.

So, how can you get that perfect funnel?

Well with FILF, you have choices! We’ve worked on 10 different exclusive scenes + one Default Tour, which is, at the time of this post, our best-performing tour option. See it here!

With so many choices, we know how overwhelming things can get. But you’ll be happy to know, we’ve prepared a little video for you to help you out in this department. Check it out!

FILF-2 from CrakRevenue on Vimeo.

Note: The purpose of this video is to make sure that the scene your chosen FILF creative (banner) depicts is the same scene your user will see immediately after clicking.

Here’s how, step-by-step

  1. Login to our platform (Don’t have a WH account? Sign up with us here!)
  2. In the left-hand menu, visit the Offers page & then type: FILF into the search bar.
  3. Click on the FILF offer down below once you see it
  4. Once you are on the FILF offer page, under ‘Choose Landing Page’, select ‘Manual Selection’
  5. Choose your scene > click Preview to see it
  6. Scroll down and click on Banner
  7. Select the banner that will fit with your scene in our selection
  8. Scroll down, you will see a box with Copy Code, click to copy.
  9. Copy the code and paste it onto your website

After completing these steps, you can rest easy knowing you just took the appropriate steps to make sure your users won’t be spooked. Your traffic will now be getting everything they wanted.


Speaking of giving your traffic what it wants…

We just want to remind you that FILF continues to tap into the innermost desires of millions of users. Remember, family taboo content is all the rage these days -- with step mom being the most searched-for term on PornHub in the US last year.

So why not combine this already top-converting offer providing exclusive content with the sales funnel it deserves? Sit back and watch the $55 PPS payouts roll in! (Even on free trials!).

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