Before one should even start thinking about monetizing adult traffic, one should HAVE adult traffic.

Or, at the very least, one should know how to attract it.

It’s a little technique we like to call: building an adult audience.

There are many ways to start an adult following, but if you really want quality traffic that will convert in the long run, let’s first get this misconception out of the way: there is NO magic formula.

In fact, acquiring adult traffic can be a slow and tedious process. And much like slow cooked pork—the end result is totally worth it.

Newcomers need not get discouraged! Like the vast majority of profitable businesses out there today, it’s very rarely all sunshine and rainbows from the get-go.

And it’s not always profitable, either...

Beginnings are meant to be hard. When you keep at something, it’s human nature to persevere.

More times than not, the more you do something, the better you get at it. (We know there are exceptions to everything, but that doesn’t apply here.) Because getting an adult following is actually quite do-able with a little heart and a little dedication.

With that said, here’s one very REAL formula to building an adult audience...

Provide Great Content to Create Audience Loyalty

What do you think is the first essential step to attracting adult traffic? Is it:

  1. Promoting your website on a cardboard cut out on the side of the highway;
  2. Telling your family and friends; or
  3. Filling your site with great adult content?

And the answer is… (drum roll)... wait for it… (this suspense is just too hard to handle!)... answer number 3!

Make use of what’s available

Remember this, boys and girls: the big boys are our friends.

We say this because it’s no secret that the best of the best would want to become even bigger.

We can name a number of sites that want one thing: other site owners to share / embed their hosted content.

And … this isn’t necessarily a bad thing ... at all.

In fact, we’re not all that different here...

Use Free Content From Your Favorite CPA Network

At CrakRevenue, we encourage our adult Webmaster friends to use and embed our content if it helps you out!

For instance, we recently added a “Content” section that now offers content-packed .zip files on our main Paysite offer pages.


The .zip file includes photos, gifs and videos that you can immediately begin using on your website.

You can start downloading this content right now on the following affiliate offer page: FILF - PPS - Responsive

Use a Turnkey Solution

If a website's what you want but you haven't exactly gotten the “webmaster” thing down pat, no worries ... that's why WordPress was created!

Content management systems (CMS) like WordPress are terrific solutions for just that reason -- they help regular everyday people from all different walks of life manage content, manage blogs.

And let us tell you - some pretty complete turnkey solutions exist on the market today.

In fact, there's an abundance of great WP-Script themes & plugins that can be found allowing you to easily create a porn website with WordPress. For example, their Adult Tubes Mass Videos Embedder allows you to easily import thousands of videos from the world’s most popular tube sites in just a few minutes.

Adult Tubes Mass Videos Embedder

Create Your Own White Label

If you are looking for more cam related content but don’t want to necessarily build your own studio, White Labels are a good solution.

White labels allow you to run your own “clone” of a popular cam site under your own brand.

There are plenty of successful White Labels in the adult affiliate marketing industry today.

Take SlutRoulette, for example:

It’s a perfectly executed White Label where the brand itself has seduced millions of users while featuring cam models from a very well known cam studio from all around the world.

Be careful though!

Even the solutions above present easy ways to fill your website with great content…

There’s no substitute as efficient as REAL EXCLUSIVE CONTENT!

Get Exclusive Content to Stand out from the Crowd!

Having your own content is a HUGE plus! Remember, Google loves original content.

Loves, Loves , LOVES!

But that doesn’t mean that you can (or should, for that matter) fill your website up with pictures of your hot neighbor in a state of undress without her consent.

Sure, original content can attract traffic, but it can also attract lawsuits and various legal issues that you’ll want to avoid at all costs!

And that’s why people are turning to professionals...

Seeking exclusive content?

If you’ve got the funds, a little money provides no shortage of awesome, original content.

Those who are serious about taking their site to another level should contact a serious producer who respects the 18 U.S. Code § 2257 legislation and the DMCA.

Don’t be afraid to get custom content shot! It’s not specifically reserved for Hollywood-types.

Anyone can set something up if they contact the right people.

GFY.COM and XBIZ.net are definitely the go-to forums for meeting industry insiders.

You can even have the final say all the way down to the Model you choose.

At the end of the day, it’s their performance that can sell something or separates your site (and one of your content videos) from the pack.

A well picked model can be the difference between a recurring visitor and a recurring sale!

Don’t be afraid to tell them what you want out of their performance to get the most out of a scene.

For those not ready to jump into the studio/production scene—Reddit, Tumblr, and Imgur are three fairly safe bets for observing all the hottest content trends and finding inspiration—with sites like ManyVids, Clips4Sale and MyDirtyHobby offering amateur rich content that can be bought and aggregated.

Publish Your Content with SEO in Mind and Promote It to the Right Audience for Maximum Exposure

Once you have your content integrated and structured SEO-wise, it’s finally time to start promoting it in a way that will help you build an adult following.

First, we suggest that you identify the most popular social accounts that are relevant to your overall content theme—and maybe even reach out to them.

You can also contact other Webmasters and begin a backlink partnership (link trade) that is beneficial to all involved.

Again, if you have money to invest, you can even bet on keywords. If you go this route, we like SEMrush -- a Search Engine Marketing tool must.

This "Business Intelligence" software enables you to find & analyze data on the Keywords targeted by your competitors—and then “copy” their campaigns. Talk about convenience!

All of the strategies above will help you attract organic traffic which is the most qualified of sources of free traffic you could ever hope to dream or get!

Tip du jour

Search Engine Optimization is definitely NO simple walk in the park at the end of the day. So, don’t start out thinking that it is.

It may take some time to reach a decent volume of organic traffic on your website.

However, the organic traffic you’ll get is what will help you build an ultra qualified traffic source and - consequently - a sustainable business.

Get Your User’s Contact Information for Future Campaigns

Whether it’s through a Mail Catcher or through an opt-in process for free content—what you really want to have is your user's contact info.

Indeed, we’re talking about building a loyal adult audience made of quality traffic here.

In other words, traffic that is interested in what you have to offer and that would be likely to recommend your website & content to other visitors.

And you don’t just want to attract them: you want to keep them!

You do that by never letting your site become dull.

Never stop feeding them the good stuff: the fresh, the unique… the hot-damn-that’s-awesome content!!

This is also what will be the start of a good user base for future traffic monetization endeavors.

Speaking of which...

Don’t Start Monetizing Right Away!

It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backwards - Old Chinese proverb

When you start building an audience, the biggest mistake you can make is attempting to monetize that traffic source right away. Doing so is quite a big blunder in our opinion… and yet, it’s still one of the most common gaffes we witness on a daily basis.

We’ve said it before and we’re going to say it again: You are looking for traffic that is going to stick with you in the long run… If you entice them to click on a banner that will make them leave your website on their very first visit, they’ll forget you in no time and just never come back.

Or they might just think you’re all about the money...

So please, we implore you, wait until your adult audience is strong and loyal before jumping on the monetization bandwagon—that is, if you’re serious about this whole web marketing thing.

Treat Your Visitors like a Girlfriend…

Show them some love and give them some treats once in awhile and they’ll stick with you and tell allllllllll their friends how you’re the absolute best boyfriend Webmaster ever!

Remember, when we said there was no magic formula to building an adult audience overnight, we meant it.

Rome wasn’t built in a day… but once it was dunzo... it ruled the whole world for more than a millennium.

Keep this mindset close to your heart, and that adult audience might just be there sooner than you think!

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