Are push notifications part of your marketing wheelhouse? Do you wanna know all about them? Here's the WhalesHub team with more.

Push notifications are messages that pop up on a mobile device. But what if we told you these amazingly powerful little messages could be easily incorporated into your marketing strategy with little to no upfront costs?

These notifications are a highly effective way to reach more potential customers and leads.

Push notifications explained

Well, let's begin by explaining where push notifications really shine. They're a relatively new strategic way of reaching more people and quite frankly, they generate tremendous engagement at the end of the day.

These things were first introduced by Apple in 2009. They're messages sent from a server that appear on your desktop or latest mobile gizmo device.

Marketers all around the world understand it's an effective solution to drum up more interest in your content. Push messages are also what app developers use by default to communicate with you via your smartphone.

They're pretty close to SMS text messages, but are generally considered less intrusive than their SMS counterparts because they don't interrupt user activity thus leading to a more "natural" feel to your campaign.

Best of all? They're affordable and don't break the bank, making it the preferred choice among businesses and serious marketers alike.

Remember, push notifications are completely free for users to receive. That's not always the case with text messages. If a company or corporation were sending SMS messages as a promotional method before, they would easily switch over to push notifications now.

Pros of the push?

Well, there are numerous reasons as to why you should make push notifications part of your overall marketing strategy. Let's delve a little deeper, shall we?

One pro of the push notification is the sheer instantaneous nature to them. These notifications are especially effective when used as a prompt of some kind, or even a reminder (could be used to market a new promo, sale or website feature) you want to get the word out about.

They're notifications that allow you an instant and timely way of reaching out to your loyal audience.

Another is the type of engagement these messages produce. In the case of an affiliate website — which you probably already own — users need to opt-in to push notifications (which means users now are sending you the message that they care enough to be sent updates, so if you do it with moderation, you can expect to be one step closer to a conversion goal).

Apps have it easy by allowing the enabling of push notifications from the get go , meaning the user already gave his or her consent upon the download.

Push notifications increase conversion rates

Want people to convert?

Segmented push messages via personalization is what you should be aiming for:

Segmented push messages

Sorted from most to least requested push messages, we have:

  • A special offer based on my preferences
  • A breaking news alert
  • New content personalized to my preferences
  • A special offer based on my location

Notice how tailor-made push notifications drive more engagementand conversions?

Tailor-made Push Notifications

Making push notifications part of your strategy will also give you key insights about user behavior through popular tracking metrics: open rate, CTR, unsubs, revenue, etc.

This allows you to optimize your funnels and really connect with your users by creating content that speaks to them.

Other advantages of using push notifications include but are not limited to:

  • The possibility of interacting directly with your users
  • It's a cost-effective way of doing marketing (no real costs)
  • Incredible reach & growth potential for your content

Here's a few tips to write kickass push notifications that won't go unnoticed:

  • Trim the fat : get straight to the point
  • Be honest : people want to trust you as a brand/ambassador/authority
  • Create value : why should anyone click on your ad? Give an incentive, answer a problem, offer a solution
  • Show a sense of humor : people love to have fun, so don't hesitate to add funny twists to your messages because humor works great
  • And most importantly, be proactive : this one might sound a bit cliché but it's nevertheless true. Be on top of things and ride current trends so you can offer something current to your subscribers.

Make your marketing pop

Take your information relay to whole new levels: push notifications are essential for anyone looking to build a strong communication base.

As long as you aren't overdoing and overusing these (start with one per week), push notifications should serve a place in your marketing toolbox.

And don't forget the short copy! Nice, short copy that will grab the attention of your audience. And once you get the hang of OneSignal or any other program, try A/B testing your messages to see what works and what needs change.

If you have any questions, the WhalesHub team is here.

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